Coins With Feathered Birds Many Species Parrots Hawks Roosters Eagles Warblers

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Number of coins: 10
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Coins with birds on them. The product contains different coins, unique KM numbers, countries that will be duplicated. The image is for advertising purposes only. Each bag may have different years, various metals, combinations of coins, and denominations.

Usually, there will be national birds, endangered and extinct species, (very rare species, noble birds). Here is a list of what can be found on these coins: Pelicans, Falcons, Rheas, Horneros, Doves, Lyrebirds, Larks, Cranes, Eagles, Gulls, Kites, Macaws, Hermits, Hummingbirds, Motmots, Flycatchers, Tropicbirds, Turacos, Hornbills, Parrots, Flufftails, Storks, Shoebills, Roosters, Loons, Larks, Meadowlarks, Kingfishers, Ospreys, Boobies, Thrushes, Condors, Roosters, Hens, Terns, Nightingales, Wheatears, Francolins, Pigeons, Ostrichs, Gooses, Albatrosses, Swans, Capercaillies, Crows, Peacocks, Partridges, Owls, Quetzals, Gannets, Hoatzins, Egrets, Peafowls, Fantails, Cockatoos, Mynas, Drongos, Orioles, Chicks, Woodcocks, Shags, Shearwaters, Choughs, Ibises, Hawks, Puffins, Whydahs Herons, Caracaras, Pheasants, Monals, Frigatebirds, Kiwis, Grouses, Ducks and even mythical birds like Phoenixes.

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