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Common elements between coins, banknotes, and postage stamps include denominations, years, and representations of specific countries or regions.

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Egyptian coins | Cleopatra | Pharaoh | Tutankhamun | Egypt coins | Banknotes | Ancient Symbols

Egyptian coin collection

Most popular coins with ancient Egyptian symbols: Cleopatra, Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, Kings and Queens of Egyptand many more.

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Different coins from many world countries | Great value for a huge amount of unique coins

The product contains different coins from many countries, picked randomly from all continents. Great gift for beginning collectors, children and everyone who like to sort a mixed pile of coins.

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Coins from all over the world | Bulk coins | Cheap coins Wholesale

Most popular collectibles from the USSR | 3 in 1

Bundle of 3 products: 10 mixed pins, a full set of coins and banknotes. Circulated in cold war era from 1961 to 1991.

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Soviet collection | Rubles | Kopeks | Pins | Banknotes | Lenin | Hammer and Sickle | Hobby of Kings
USSR enamel pins | Soviet Badges made in Cold War | Various themes:  army, sports, politics, holidays, Soviet propaganda, Lenin, animals, flora, fauna, kids, tourism, Olympics, cartoons, cities, cars, space, post soviet Communist countries

Enamel pins and lapel badges made in the Soviet Union and USSR Satellite States

Original pins made in the Soviet communist countries and satellite states during the Cold War. Various themes may be found: army, sports, politics, holidays, soviet propaganda, Lenin, animals, flora, fauna, kids, tourism, olympics, cartoons, cities, cars, space.

Lapel pins were not only given to award service or achievement, but to inspire loyalty and patriotism to the Soviet regime.

Pins from the USSR

Russian Federation coin collection

Russia changed their currency after the collapse of the Soviet Union only in 1992.

First coins were with Kremlin tower and two headed eagle. After 1997 Russia changed his currency with the main symbol that is using to now days - Warrior Saint George on horseback killing a serpent.

Russian coins
Russian Federation coins were issued after the USSR collapse in 1993 and they are circulating until now.
Postage stamps | Marks | Stamps | small piece of paper issued by a post office

Postage Stamps

Small piece of paper issued by a post office. Perfect idea to paste them as wallpapers.

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