Egypt 10 Mixed Coins | Egyptian Currency | Qirsh Pound Piastres Milliemes | Hawk of Qureish | Cleopatra | Tutankhamun | 1958 - 2022

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10 Mixed coins from Egypt (جمهورية مصر العربية, Arab Republic of Egypt). Different Egyptian coins picked randomly from these periods: Pound (1958 - 2022).

The product may contain these denominations: Qirsh, Pound, Piastres, Milliemes

Monetary unit and its division: 1 Pound = 100 Piastres = 1000 Milliemes

Currency: Mixed

Coin type: Standard circulated coins

Compositions: Brass, Copper-nickel, Aluminium-bronze, Aluminium, Copper plated steel, Bimetallic

Type: Collections & Lots

Year: 1958 - 2022 

Weight: 58 g.

Shape: Round

The product may be slightly different from the photos. Each product may have different combinations of coins, various dates, and denominations, and unique catalog numbers. Please pay attention, these currencies were in general circulation for many years. The coins may have scratches, dirt, or damage from oxidation.

Pictures and symbols may be found on the coins:

👸 Queens: Cleopatra

👑 Kings: Tutankhamun

🐦 Birds: Eagle

🏟 Buildings: Three pyramids of Giza

🕌 Mosques: Mosque of Mohamed

🛠️ Tools: Ancient Egyptian vases

Fact about this person: Cleopatra VII Philopator was a Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC

Fact about this person: Tutankhamun “King Tut” was an ancient Egyptian king. He ruled from 1333 BCE until his death in 1323 BCE

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